Friday, March 2, 2012

Today For Me

Today, I am doing something that I rarely do. I am making a conscious decision to walk away from my computer, my desk and my responsibilities. It's not that I have a larger amount of work today than I do normally. I always have a boat load of things to get done. I am usually the world's foremost champ at work-at-home, multi-tasking Fridays. Laundry gets done. Billing gets done. Dishes get done. Phone calls get taken. I'm so good at it that they actually pay me for it. Like, it's actually my job.


I want none of it. I am not super-productive today. I am under-productive. I am a bump on a flippin' log. 

Today is a day that I am glad that I do not have children. I need to be left alone. I need to be wandering at my own pace and not the pace of school busses and sippy cups. I have been yelled at by too many people this week. More than that, I was yelled at by people who will never understand how ridiculous what they were saying was. People who want to report you by abiding by ethics and not allowing them to set the rules. Sometimes, when people get angry at us, we know it's okay because we will talk them through it and they will see the reasoning. These people? No way. They don't get it, and they won't get it. So, we let them yell and tell whoever they want because, if other people though they were reasonable, they wouldn't be in this situation. 

We had a strange week at work. Everyone is usually incredibly happy with us. Not this week. We couldn't make anyone happy no matter how hard we tried. The ones that we had done everything that we could for?  They tried to take another mile and they were asked to leave. We almost never have to ask people to leave.

I'm worn down. I was too worn down to hang out with Little E at the end of yesterday, and I'm too worn down to finish my billing today. I want junk food and a break. I can't get away from my phone, but if I could, I would put it in the freezer like I saw in "Morning Glory". 

Instead, I'll look forward to a laid back couple date tonight with two wonderful sets of friends. Tomorrow? I get to see a very dear friend get married, and I am in charge of her most precious cargo-- her son. 

Sigh. Everything is right in the world again.

...Still not doing my work, though.

Even today, kids, it's hip to be square.

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  1. Awww hope the rest of your week goes better. Enjoy some you time!


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