Friday, February 3, 2012

Writer's Block

I most certainly have writers block. Not the kind that gets me stuck on a blank page for days, but the kind that comes from a flu-induced haze. I've been on the couch since this morning. I did do some errands and some laundry. Oh, and some dishes. And I've watched almost a season of Gossip Girl. Hubs should be home soon to offer some TLC. I can't even come up with Twitter brilliance, and I'm usually so good at that. Very shortly, I am going to settle for passing out on the couch with GG in the background and a pup snuggled up next to me. It's basically all I've got left. 

Sorry Interwebz. It's just not my day. I'll be back with more scintillating pearls of wisdom as soon as I can. 

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