Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Queen of Indecision

Today is a "why are we waiting?" day. 

It's an angsty, irritated, please-stop-posting-pictures-of-your-stupid-cute-baby-because-I-want-to-steal-him/her day. It's not an I'm happy that you're happy day. It's more like a why-do-you-have-what-I-think-I-want-but-can't-be-sure-until-I-have-it-but-then-it-will-be-too-late-and-I-will-just-be-a-ball-of-goo day. 

It's just uncomfortable. And frustrating. And stupid. And weird. And a lot of other adjectives.

I will probably be back to normal tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll understand that we want to pay down our debt before we give birth to a drooling money pit. Tomorrow, I'll be appreciating the freedom of a day off without any obligations other than some work that I get done on my own time without any interruptions. 

But today, I want to punch my husband for not being in the mood right.this.minute.

Sigh. It's hip to be square (and angsty), kids.

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