Friday, April 12, 2013

Pepper Potts

For the majority if my existence, the only way to get anything done seemed to be to just do it myself. Even when I would contract out for projects, they almost never got done. I have a firm objection to begging people to take my money. You either do the work, or you don't, but I'm not going to chase you when I'm paying you.

Wacky, right?

Anyway, when my work life became my only life, and then stayed that way for more the a year, and then I became unable to find a minute in my day to schedule doctor's appointments or get my hair cut or file things that just became huge piles of paper in my supposedly paperless office, I broke down and decided I needed help.

For the record, that was like a huge thing for my stubborn ass. I mean, I am as close to a fucking island as one person can get.

Okay. I'm more like a peninsula.

Terrible metaphor over.

Anywhozie, I put out some feelers for someone who could help me with keeping my work and home life both organized and SEPARATE, but I was super hesitant to hire a total stranger because of the access they would have to, well, me. It took me almost a year to finally take the leap.

I did a couple of interviews of people I knew, but everyone had a reason why they just were not perfect.  Doc begged me to stop looking for perfect and just look for trustworthiness.

Then in came Pepper Potts.

No, that's not really her name, but it's what we all call her, so it works.

She is a flipping godsend. She's thorough, careful, not afraid to ask questions, smart as whip and just so effing on top if things. She also lives about 45 seconds from me, as that is RARE in the area we live in.

More than all that, she picked up on my quirks after day, like, 3. She always knows where my keys are. She remembers whether I locked my car because I never do. She reminds me to do things. She asks me if there is anything I didn't so. AND SHE REMINDS ME ON THE REGULAR TO DELEGATE. I struggle with that shit.

For the first time in many years, I can breath a little. I will never be the type of person who just relaxes, but I have also never had be opportunity to completely hand something really important over to someone and know it's going to just get done.

PP, you're a blessing from G-d, Allah, Buddha, Tom Cruise and L. Ron himself.

As always, it's hip to be square (and relaxed-ish), kids.

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