Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Questions: Going Dutch

When I started a blog, well, I thought it was going to be all about me. I don't just mean the content of my posts, but also the marketing, networking, etc. would all be about me, me, me. Look at ME. Laugh at ME. Barf at ME.

Well, that is clearly not the case. 

In my just-over-a-year as a wannabe blogger, the most important thing that I've gotten out of this experience is OTHERS.

I have met some pretty awesome bitches. I have learned that there are people in this world who are as big of assholes as I am. I have also caught on to the fact that they are stupid funny and totally twisted, but in reality, they aren't even close to being assholes. They're like family.

Anyway, this community is so important to me that I wanted to introduce you to some of them one-by-one in a new series right here at Maternal Damnation: The Five Question Quiz. 

I thought this journey would be about finding myself. Really, it's been about finding others.

First, I want to introduce you to the lovely, talented and funny-as-hell blogger pal o' mine, Julie (@dutchbeingme). Julie has been working at her awesome blog for way longer than I've been at mine, and she has a loyal following. 

The thing that I love the most about my relationship with Julie is that we have fun, we laugh, we pick at  each other, and we support each other even though we fall on completely different ends of the political spectrum. She "Stands With Rand" and I have one of those irritating bleeding hearts that can only be satiated with very expensive public programs. YET WE'RE STILL FRIENDS. 


Anyway, here is my Five Question Quiz with Julie.


1) What is the name of your blog, and how long have you had it?

My blog is DutchBeingMe – a variation of “just being me” except that I’m of the “Dutch” heritage (my ancestors came from the Netherlands in the 1800’s). I’ve been blogging just over 5 years now.

2) What is the purpose or theme of your blog?

The purpose of my blog started out to share my weight loss journey as I neared my weight loss goal. Since that time, I’ve changed the “purpose” to be simply about me. What I like. What motivates me. What I struggle with.  I’m working on bringing my blog back around to my weight loss journey, while still keeping the “me” portion of it that I (and others) value so much.

3) What is one thing you've learned from social media that most people wouldn't think of?

I don’t know if this is something “most people wouldn’t think of”, but one of the main things I’ve learned from social media is that I’m not alone. Actually, it’s probably something a lot of people would say… but it’s the thing that has impacted me most directly and prominently. Without the connections that I’ve made – I wouldn’t have some of my closest friends, kindred spirits and business contacts that have made my life… and my blog… what it is today.

4) Is "settling down" in the future? If no, is there a reason why? If yes, what is on your list to achieve prior?

I would like to think there is “settling down” in my future… but honestly I don’t know when that could be. Right now I need to focus on me, and where the next steps of my life will be taking me. Being a single 30-something, I have lots of life ahead of me… whether it’s living it here with my nephews close by or somewhere far far away. It’s time for me to figure out things for me.

5) If you had all the power/money in the world, what gift would you give the blogging community?

I always said if I won the lotto (or somehow became miraculously rich), I would create a fund to provide scholarships (or sponsorships) for bloggers to attend conferences and learn more about their choice of business aspects, writing, crafting or any number of other things that would help them become successful. 


If you would like to do the "Five Question Quiz", leave a comment and I'll get in touch with you stat. You can also catch me on Twitter at @maternallydamnd. It doesn't matter how big or small your blog is. Everyone has something valuable to say.


  1. Yeah for Julie! One of my favorite online people.

  2. Thanks for hosting me here! It was fun to think about all of these things. :)

    (And for the record, while I "stood with rand" on one issue... I don't know if I would exactly qualify for that level of conservatism in all things. But I do love your point that no matter what our beliefs, we can absolutely get along!)


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