Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life is Funny Like That

Things have been rough lately. I'm really struggling with how many different things are out of my control within my world right now. I can't make anything go the way I want it, and that been piling on top of me. I'm exhausted and overwhelmed.

The Universe likes to show itself in strange ways to remind me that not everything has to be in my control.

There is a guy [read: total jerk] who picks up the specimens daily for the lab that is on the bottom floor of our office building. Every day, he parks in a place where he is not supposed to park. Every day, he blocks cars underneath an overhang that people use to load children and disabled people in to their cars. He has been asked not to multiple times. Multiple times he has ignored us.

Yesterday, it was pouring down rain and the sky was black as night in the middle of the afternoon. Lots of cars were using the overhang to get their loved ones in and out of the building. This guy arrives and BACKED HIS CAR IN. He made it so that no one else can get in and a few people cannot get out. Mind you, this car is marked with the company name and phone number. He was told to move, and his answer was "I don't have time for you. I do what I want."

He brilliantly said this in front of a handful of witnesses.

I was incensed. The idea of someone who finds his job so important that he can inconvenience people IN A STORM had me fuming. I only have one rule for behavior: Don't be a douchebag.

It was after business hours when all of this happened, and I wouldn't be able to get to any of his supervisors even if I tried, so I put it on the back burner and decided to wait until this morning to call. This morning was really busy, and by the time I realized it, it was two hours in to the day. I heard the front door of the office open, and went to greet whoever was there. Standing in my window were two of the area managers for the lab company who were just making a sales call. They had no idea what had happened the day before.

They were not happy when they found out. They gave us the name of who to talk to in the future, and assured us that it would be "handled".

And it took me no work to get it done.

So thanks, Universe, for reminding me that I don't have to do all of the work myself as long as I keep my nose clean and fight for what's right. You do a pretty good job of making sure I get a break when I need it.

As always, it's hip to be square, kids.

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