Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Glutton For The Best Kinds of Punishment

Ok. I've been absent a lot lately. I haven't spent anytime with you silly people, and that is no bueno. I need to make more time to fill this space up with my inane and ridiculous thoughts. And I will. 

I mean, I'll try to.

I mean, I will. 

I totally will. 

Just, don't get mad if it's, like, 2 weeks before you see me again. 

I have a really good reason, I swear!

You're right. It's not a good enough reason to ignore you, but it's still a pretty damn good reason. 

Anyway, remember how I'm a crazy person? And remember how I have a job that fills up, like, 80 hours per week and we're building a house and trying to sell this house and there is just a hella lotta things going on and yeah? And remember, remember how life has been so stressful lately and I probably should be vegging out and not looking for more to keep myself busy with?

Go back to the part where we all agreed I'm crazy.

Anyway, I have opened a freelance ghost writing business called Nearly Headless Writer. 

[Side note: If you don't get the joke, we probably can't be friends.]

Anywho, I have been working through some freelance sites and getting work by just being willing to try things. I never have enough confidence in my skills, and I'm never sure that my work is good enough. The feedback has been positive, though, and I'm really enjoying it. Like REALLY enjoying it. 

Oh, and I'm getting paaaaiiiiidddddd. [Added bonus achievement unlocked.]

Even though it's more to balance, is has actually taken a huge amount of stress off of me for almost 10,000 reasons. That's a really good things.

Regardless, I probably won't be talking about it much on here because this is my word vomit place and that is my word prose place, but I wanted to share something happy with you kids for once. 

So if you're missing me, I'm probably not far away from this space on another similar space typing my little fingers off. 

Typee typee type.

Oh, and thanks for being the most supportive group a girl who has been through a huge amount could ask for. You're always there when I need to yell, and you're never missed a beat when it's time to celebrate. Whether you're next door or across the world, I really appreciate your being so close. 

And as always, it's hip to be square, kids.

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