Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am an efficient person. Terribly so. I can do 10 things and once and still know what I'm doing, and I usually do more before everyone else gets in to the office than they do all day. I'm not bragging, but I am. Every so often, though, I get myself in to a situation where there is the efficient answer versus the arduous way of doing things, and I can't decide which would be quicker.

I am in one of those days.

I have a spreadsheet that I need to make, but there's a chance that someone already made it. It's just a matter of finding out who and getting a copy of it. I have no idea where to start, but I am almost certain that this exists. If I can get a copy from the mystery organization, I will have to do very little work to get this project started. That would be great.

Except I don't know where or who to talk to. The time that it may take me to get that information may be the same amount of time that it would take to just make the spreadsheet myself.

Let me clarify, this is not a small amount of work. It will take me hours upon hours upon hours to make the stupid spreadsheet. It's so much tedious bitch work, but it will be work that I have to do anyway if I can't track down a copy of what I need.

So... Do I put it off and hope I can get what I need the easy way, or do I put in the work and at least know that it's done so we can get started on the tough stuff?

In the mean time, I'm going to get nothing done and write a blog post about it because that really is the best use of my time.


As always, it's hip to be square (and useless!), kids.

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  1. Paralysis by analysis! I suffer from it ALL the FREAKIN' time!! :)


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